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humrhums's Journal

Born in Illinois, taken to Tucson (at 17); escaped to NM to "get an education"(at18).. Got it and split. Been a college drop out for 40 years. Like it. :-) Studied psych and got married, had two boys. After reading Ishmael, etc. (by Daniel Quinn), she divorced me; I said "Cool." I meant "Whoa there Hummer, you ain't in no better shape than you were 30 years ago." I was scared shitless.

Moved to Austin, TX, got a job. Got pissed--again--and quit. Locational astrologer said, "Santa Fe, NM." "I thought, No mon.., no fun!" So i'm in Albuquerque. It's close to Santa Fe and I kinda like it here. :-) Definitely like myself better here--don't argue with myself as much these days:-)

Recently discovered I'm Aspergian--I exhibit the behavior patterns of those diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I was born with it, it's not a disease or an illness, not something I "caught" :-) I'm different but what the hey, we're all different one way or another :-) (Also identify with The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine Aron. "Mine is not to worry why, mine is but" to be myself :-)"
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